Past Presidents
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Past Presidents

The purpose of this organization is:
1) to establish an association through which the membership may discuss mutual issues and by united efforts improve operation, management, and types of agricultural fairs held;
2) to serve the membership by promoting the fair industry as a benefit to the people of the State of Washington;
3) to educate the general public;
4) To promote and develop fair participation by youth, 4-H, FFA, family and community organizations
5) to provide a service to the membership by advocating beneficial legislation or rules affecting all fairs in the State of Washington.

In order to attain those goals and provide those services, an elected Board of Directors forms the working core of the Association. In order to provide Direction, an elected President takes the reins, The WSFA, relies upon those already involved in the Fair Industry to volunteer their time. We wish to recognize those that have taken the ultimate role in the Organization... President. Here is a list of the Presidents that have served faithfully to the Association.
2020 Tom Muchoney
2019 Tom Muchoney
2018 Terry Atchison
2017 Terry Atchison
2016 John Morrison
2015 John Morrison
2014 Rich Hartzell
2013 Rich Hartzell
2012 Paul Nimmo
2011 Val Watson
2010 Jim Baron
2009 George Clary*
2008 Rick Storvick
2007 Bob Reynolds
2006 Yvonne Knuth*
2005 Tom Musser
2004 Mark Campbell
2003 Danny Jones
2002 Rose Waring
2001 E. Lee Graham
2000 Sid Willuweit *
1999 Nancy Ruark
1998 Dan Sharp
1997 Kathy Underwood
1996 Pat Nostrand
1995 Kent Hojem
1994 Ellis Schneider*
1993 Neil Stephens
1992 Daphne Eshom
1991 Fred Blauert
1990 Max Read
1989 Rich Waldemar *
1988 Marlyta Deck*
1987 Dean Boss *
1986 Sid Uhinck *
1985 Dick Cochran
1984 Harold Beeman*
1983 Dick Moore
1982 Pete LaFave *
1981 Fred Polinder, Jr.*
1980 Pat (Goodrich) Anderson
1979 Robert Carlson
1978 Karl Marks*
1977 Greg Stewart
1976 Jim Hamilton *
1975 Bill Heaston
1974 Gust Skarberg *
1973 Dean Boss *
1972 Marlyta Deck*
1971 Bill Walck
1970 Keith Marney*
1969 James Hanger
1968 Charles Meenach *
1967 Charles Meenach *
1966 Joseph Smith
1965 John McMurray
1964 Charles Clements*
1963 Robert Loney
1962 Kenneth Killingsworth*
1961 James Blair*
1960 Paul Creighton*
1959 Donald Clark*
1958 Donald Clark*
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