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Call to Action!

Call to Action:

Call to Action:
Now is the time! WSFA would like you, our members, to schedule appointments with your legislators to make the "ask" for their continued support of the Capital Grant Program for Washington State Fairs. Check out the link below for a how-to guide on how you can request an appointment with your delegate.


IAFE supports WSFA

On Friday, Jan. 25 2019, Marla Calico, CEO of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions presented before the House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee. Her presentation is titled: “County and Youth Fairs: An overview of how agricultural fairs today are addressing the needs of their communities.”
Watch her moving testimony!

Support of Fairs

Fairs support rural economic development by giving small businesses an opportunity to showcase their wares. In addition, numerous artists and entertainers get their start at fairs. The more fairs do to support and encourage small businesses, the more revenue would be generated for the fund.

In 1998, the Fair Fund was set in statute at $2 million per year (RCW 15.76.115). Prior to that time, it had fluctuated according to revenue from horse racing. In recent prior years, it had been nearly $3 million per year.

The current source of revenue for the Fair Fund is a transfer from the general fund. The bill would divert sales tax revenue generated on fairgrounds from the general fund to the Fair Fund, replacing the existing transfer. If more revenue is generated than the existing $2 million, the Fair Fund would increase.

The fairs that depend the most on the Fair Fund are youth shows and the most rural counties.

To find their email addresses, click here:

You may also leave a message via telephone at: 1.800.562.6000.

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