WSFA Impact Award

WSFA Impact Award

Do you know that someone... That someone that has had a substantial impact on your Fair?

WSFA Impact Award

The WSFA Impact Award recognizes an up and coming individual within a fair who is making a positive impact by creative solutions, pioneering approaches, or advancements to improve their fair and/or the fair industry. This award honors those who challenge the status quo, drive progress, and set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in event production.


Industry Involvement: Nominees must be actively involved in the fair industry.

Impact: The nominee's impact must have had a measurable positive influence on their organization or the fair industry within the past year. This could be through increased, participation attendance, revenue growth, enhanced safety, improved maintenance practices, improved guest experiences or other significant achievements.

Originality and Creativity: Impact should be original, creative, and/or a departure/evolution from traditional practices that could redefine industry norms.


An individual can be nominated from their home fair or another fair member that is currently active with the Washington State Fairs Association. Nominations are due September 1, 2024 to Gale Sobolesky via email.

Nomination Components

  • Provide a brief summary of why this individual is a positive force for the fair industry in 500 words or less.
    • Showcase the nominee’s contributions to their home fair or fair industry.


Initial Screening: Entries will be initially screened for completeness and adherence to the eligibility criteria.

Jury Review: A panel of industry experts will review the nominations to assess the creativity and positive impact of the individual’s efforts.

Final Decision: The winner will be selected based on the recommendation of the jury panel, taking into account the overall positive benefit to the fair and/or fair industry.


The award recipient will receive an award at the annual WSFA Convention. This award aims not only to honor individual achievements but also to foster a culture of continuous innovation and improvement across the fair industry.

Have that someone in mind? Download the form, tell us the story of your person of great impact!

WSFA Impact Award Nomination

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