Management Team Meeting

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Management Team Meeting

Washington State Fairs Association Management Team Meeting

1:00 pm Welcome
Andrea Thayer, CFE WSFA President, Chief Experience Officer Washington State Fair, Janel Goebel and Heather Van Dyke Palouse Empire Fair.
1:15 pm 2023 Legislative Session Recap
Mike Burgess, WSFA Government Affairs Tawnia Linde, WSFA Legislative Committee, Chair, Director of Marketing & Sponsorship Clark County Fair.
1:45 – 2:20 pm Round Table and Introductions
We will move around the room and everyone can introduce themselves. Let us get to know your Fair – How is your fair is funded and governed?
Moderated by Janel Goebel, Palouse Empire Fair
2:30 – 3:30 pm The Art of Storytelling- Storytelling Training
Speaker: Mary Kae Repp, Genesis Marketing
What to expect in this session?
1. Guidance on HOW to tell your story as a Fair.
2. The Spokane County Interstate Fair will be used as an example.
3. The session will go over all the steps taken to tell your story and use the Spokane County Interstate Fairs story to show you how to build yours. Mary Kae has had the pleasure of being the marketing agency for the Spokane County Interstate Fair since 2002.
WHY would you want to attend this session if you already have a story?
1. This session will give some ideas on expanded ways of telling your story and building your brand that you may not already be doing.
2. Mary Kae Repp, the speaker for this session, has been helping businesses and events tell their story for 22 years as the owner of Genesis Marketing.
HOW can you get the most out of this session?
Go to and sign up to receive the packet for this class in advance. The full packet for this class will be finished and uploaded to this website by March 1st. Please sign up to be sent this packet upon completion. The session will be most successful if the attendees can read the information prior and send in their questions prior. Mary Kae will prepare answers to the questions to share in the session.
3:40 – 4:30 pm TBD
4:40 – 5:15 pm Tour of the Palouse Empire Fairgrounds
Hosted by Palouse Empire Fair
5:15 pm Social Time and Networking
5:30 pm Dinner
Closing Remarks by Andrea Thayer, CFE, WSFA President
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