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Convention Thank You's

The WSFA Convention has many to thank...


Nominations – Erin Gurtel, Chair

Credentials – John Morrison, Chair

Resolutions and Bylaws – John Morrison, Chair

Contests – Tom Gwin, Chair

Costume Contest – Brenda Adame, Chair

Registration – Gale Sobolesky, Sandey Brandon

Auctions – Tom Muchoney, Tom Gwin and WSFA Board

Photographers - Jeff Fulks and Margaret Fulks

Showcase Committee – Roylene Crawford, Chair

Service Members – Penny Nelson, Chair

Trade Show – Penny Nelson, Chair

Convention Chair – Gale Sobolesky


Butler Amusements, Inc. - Convention Delegate Bags and

Document Holders

Washington State Fair - Keynote Speaker

International Association of Fairs & Expositions - Keynote Speaker

Funtastic Traveling Shows - Convention Program

Michael Bagley - 2017 WSFA Convention Logo

Admit One Products - Meal Tickets and Document Holder Inserts

Fair Publishing House - Neck Wallets/Note Pads

Davis Amusement Cascadia - Lapel Pins/Note Pads

Molly Balmer, Halo - Pens

Allied Specialty Insurance - Trade Show Break – Friday

National Business Development Group - Credit Card Processing

Pacific Rim Talent, Craig Cooke - Attendance Awards

Regalia Manufacturing - Contest Awards & Ribbons

Romeo Entertainment Group - Past President’s Breakfast

TEI - Fair Commission Breakfast

Cascade Sound, Inc. - Sound and Lighting

Trade Show Supply House, Inc. - Trade Show Decorator

Penny Nelson, Hazel’s Diner - Hospitality Rooms Food

Oregon Beverage, Carroll Unruh-WSFA Hospitality Rm Beverages

Saffire - WSFA Website

Paul Nimmo - Maintenance of WSFA Website

Jefferson County Fair - Table Decorations - Thursday Night

Clallam County Fair - Table Decorations - Friday Lunch

Wahkiakum County Fair - Table Decorations – Friday Dinner

Spokane County Interstate Fair/Hazel’s Diner – Table

Decorations – Saturday Lunch

Sandey Brandon - Table Decorations – Saturday Dinner

Benton Franklin Fair - Convention Photographers

Davis Amusement Cascadia - Membership Roster

Davis Shows NW - Membership Roster

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