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IAFE Message from Marla Calico

IAFE Update: Federal Legislation to Aid Fairs

There are things happening on HR 7883! That is great news and we thank all of you for working hard on this. However, we simply are not making enough progress.Here is what the OABA’s lobbyist (the one’s leading the charge and working so hard on this for our entire industry) says, “If fairs really want a shot at this they are going to have push their Representatives harder to support”

We have another message going out to all individuals in our database in the US again today.We’re hearing that folks HAVE made contact and the Representative has told them they will support it. BUT…no action has been taken to actually sign on.This morning, the bill has 20 co-sponsors


We know you already have a lot of communication going out to your members and a lot on your own plate, however, if you think this is important enough for the fairs in your state – to have a shot at some federal grant funds then they simply must get back on the phone and push on their own Representatives to support HR7883.

If there is anything more you need from us about the bill, please do let me know.

Marla J. Calico, CFE

President & CEO

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE)


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