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11:00 – 11:50 AM SESSIONS

Date: Oct 26, 2019
11:00 – 11:50 AM SESSION
1: Sponsorship Panel, Hear from seasoned sponsorship program
managers on their successful sponsorship programs and get
some new and inspiring ideas. Mary Kae Repp, Owner, Genesis
Marketing and Brittany Teverbaugh, Marketing Manager, North
Idaho Fair (Riverfront Ballroom C D)
2: “Role of the Fair Board and Management in the Show-Ring”
This session will focus on the Role of Fair Boards and
management of the Show-Ring. How can barns help
facilitate a show allowing the judge to do what the judge is
supposed to do? All too often there are enough people
helping a barn superintendent, but they are all sitting
behind the superintendent/clerk/announcers table. What
roles need to be taken into consideration and how should
help ensue? Further rule enforcement can be a hot topic.
Rules are really good but they are only effective if the rule
Is enforced. How and why should a rule be established,
monitored and when do you take action? Determining a defined
path for resolution before needed will help your show run
Paul S. Kuber, Ph. D North East Regional Livestock Extension
Specialist Washington State University (Corbin)
3: ADA Q & A, Feel free to ask ADA-related questions with our
subject matter expert! Michael Richardson, NW ADA
Center Director (Finch)
4: It’s Just a Stage You’re Going Through, An interactive
multimedia program geared for everyone who books and
coordinates professional and community grounds entertainment.
After a look at stages on fairgrounds across the country, we learn
what works and how they do it. We cover a range of topics from
signage to scheduling to seating and more. You will take away a
new outlook on the who, what, how, when and why of grounds
entertainment. Let’s give your fairgoers the best - together!
Karen Quest, Giddyup Productions (Grant)
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