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Round Table Session 2

Date: Oct 25, 2019
9:35 – 10:20 AM
1: Food for Thought, Concessionaire, Penny Nelson, WSFA
Service Director and Hazel’s Diner (Grant)
2: What I Learned at Fair, Help us get the word out to our
community and legislators how important Fairs are to the
community through social media and the #WaFairsMatter
Campaign. Andrea Thayer, Grounds Entertainment/
Competitive Exhibits Manager, Washington State Fair/WSFA
Director (Corbin)
3: Generations YPI, Millennials are old news by now – what do you need to start noticing about the next generation? A
round table discussion on Generation Z (1995-2010) and
how they many differ from past generations. Kady Porterfield,
Director, Kittitas Valley Event Center (Finch)
4: Targeting Youth/Millennials through Social Media
Learn how to best connect with youth/millennials through
marketing and what are the best ways to reach them.
Erin Gurtel, Director, Spokane Interstate Fair, WSFA Vice
President (Grant)
5: Supporting Volunteers, Learn what other organizations might do, and discuss what your fair does to thank your volunteers. Kathi Johnson, Home Arts Superintendent, Jefferson County Fair
6: What it Takes to be a WSFA Director, Are you interested
in becoming a board member of the Washington State Fairs
Association but don’t know how to go about it? Join us in this
round table discussion and find out what it takes to be a
board member. Tom Muchoney, WSFA President and
Sue McIntire, WSFA Director (Willow 1)
7: Strategies for selling out sponsorships, How to feature the
assets of your fair to increase demand and excitement from
sponsors, and how to sniff out what sponsors really want to
see in an RFP to get the close faster and more frequently.
Michael Bleau, CEO Event Hub (Corbin)
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