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Saturday Lunch Showcase Talent

Elana Jane

Elana Jane,
That’s Entertainment International
Elana Jane has a youthful, country-pop sound. As a sixteen year old singer songwriter, her
lyrics describe her experiences in high school. Elana has stayed driven throughout the years
by the constant support of her family and friends, her positive attitude, her faith, and her
passion for music and to succeed. She recorded her first EP featuring four of her originals,
“Brand New Day - EP.” She plans on being in Nashville during the summer of 2017 to further
develop herself. Her ultimate goal is to become a successful singer songwriter and artist,
but also, achieves honors grades and has an ambition to attend a university if her path leads
her in that direction. Elana Jane loves spending time with her friends, eating chocolate cake,
and listening to her favorite songs. She also loves her two big, furry, yellow labs, Jake and
Molly, who recently starred in the music video for one of her originals, “Brand New Day!”
She’s currently writing new music, keeping up with social media, and is in the process of
recording her second EP.

The Throw Zone

The Throw Zone
Jeremiah Johnston, That’s Entertainment International
Jeremiah learned to juggle at the young age of twelve. He quickly learned several tricks,
astounded his parents and friends, and at the height of his juggling career, promptly retired.
However, at 18, he unexpectedly discovered his father’s old juggling torches, and thought
it might be time to come out of retirement. He was already acquainted with juggling, knew his father had once been an avid juggler, and even had pictures of himself at two years old playing with clubs, but he had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole would go. Entering college at Humboldt State University in 2005, Jeremiah discovered the Humboldt Circus Club, and thus, found his training ground. The Humboldt Circus introduced him to the stage, fire dancing, and to his first juggling partners. While developing his solo act, Jeremiah, along with his brother Jesse, became half of the four person juggling sensation, The Poetic Motion Machine, with whom they would go on to win the bronze medal at the 2009 International Jugglers’ Association’s annual competition. Throughout this time, Jeremiah slowly came to realize that juggling was to be his life’s path. He was to become a professional entertainer and instructor, sharing the wonder and joy of the juggling arts with the world. But first he had to finish college… Shifting his focus to dance and movement studies, Jeremiah finally graduated from Humboldt State in 2011. Hooray! He moved
back to the California Sierra Nevada to begin performing with two other friends, and very talented jugglers, as Mountain Motion. It was with this trio that he returned to the IJA for his second bronze medal in team juggling in 2013. After many wonderful events and adventures, 2014 revealed that it was time for the trio to go their separate ways. This opened the door for Jeremiah to redefine his solo career. He created The Throw Zone, a business dedicated to dynamic entertainment, innovation, and education about the juggling arts.
Today, Jeremiah lives in the Bay Area where he performs his solo act for audiences of all kinds. He loves performing and teaching the juggling arts, and looks forward to welcoming people to The Throw Zone.

Bobby Sox and Jukebox

BOBBY SOX & the JUKEBOX will take you on a nostalgic trip back to the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, the 50”s and 60’s. Performing the most fun, popular music of that era, this show encourages front of stage dancing s well as “singalong” audience participation. This energetic presentation of upbeat, happy music will spark plenty of memories and generate smiles from “cool kids” of all ages.
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