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Friday Dinner Showcase Talent

Vikki Gasko Green

Vikki Gasko Green
Winner of Best Ventriloquist 1999 I-Fest
Winner of Best Musical Ventriloquist 1999 I-Fest
Being an entertainer since the age of 5, I took to Ventriloquism as a duck takes to water. I remember my Dad introducing me to the old recordings of Jack Benny and all the old radio shows including Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. I have been honored to perform my one-woman ventriloquism show at school assemblies, libraries, fairs, festivals and corporate events, entertaining children and adults all across the country and in the U.K with good clean
family fun. I bring everything I need to my shows. I have my own sound system if needed. My microphone is a headset mic with a Samson wireless receiver. On my website are many letters of recommendation.

Storm Rider

Storm Rider
Vocals: Jimi Wrinkle
Has played music his entire life. He’s an accomplished drummer, singer and songwriter. Jimi has long been emersed in the local Seattle Rock scene. He has been featured on The Bob Rivers Show doing many renditions of “Twisted Tunes”. His vocals, harmonica work and percussions add an incredible dimension to The Storm Rider Band. His ability to recreate
Jim Morrisons vocals is unparalleled. Speaks fluent Walla Walla.
Drums: Darryl Ulskey
Of Lithuanian descent, Darryl Ulskey was given his first snare drum at age seven while living on Whidbey Island. He bought his first drum kit at age fifteen and has played in various local rock bands his entire life. Darryl loves The Doors half-rock, half-jazz, half-circus style - which so far, has been his greatest challenge. Darryl plays Rogers drums and Paiste cymbals.
Keyboard and Sax: Keith Nordquist
Keith’s musical abilities were influenced by bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk, Hendrix and Eric Burdon. He performs as Ray Manzarek for Storm Rider, A Tribute to the Doors band. Keith graduated from NSCC in Music Studies and has played with well known blues musicians such as Albert Collins, J. B. Hutto and is a current member of the Washington Blues Society. Keith’s musical knowledge and experience compliments the band and its unique sound. Loves Fiats and is also known as “The Swammie”.
Bass Guitar: Joel Mentzos
Local native Joel has played his entire life here in Washington State. He adds depth to the band and recreates the energy bassist Jerry Sheff, famed Elvis bass player, provided for The Doors on “L.A. Woman”. Joel is an accomplished musician and leads the rhythm section with style.
Guitar: Michael Vincent
Michael weaves his way into Robbie Kreigers sounds and melodic vibrations mixing electric guitar with various complimentary accessories. He makes you travel back in time with his musical adaptations. Michael is an accomplished musician and loves rock and roll and the blues; a perfect fit with the Doors. .....Loves Salmon
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